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On Mark's suggestion I begin a new thread about "Dreams".

1. the recurrent dreams : those I think are ment to teach you something about your life or maybe past lifes (but here I should begin another thread on reincarnation versus genetic memory to clarify) the past lifes part.

2. the occasional but weird dream

3. the nightmare with 2 different wake up
a) you wake up from it "scared to death"
b) even if the dream was scary, you wake up just "numb"
without any special fear.........

Those above are just my categories but I am not a specialist of dreams
and am curious to know what you think and to hear about
your dreams and what they mean for you.

Those dreams are offen partly induced by something you just heard or saw in the media.
In the case of my last dream about "snakes" I had heard that where my son was with his regiment he had to ask the local to clean the surroundings because it was full of snakes.......
It was also the first time I could contemplate the horrible display of dead snakes (my phobia) because they weren't moving but it had costed me
a tremendous effort 3 times were I had sunked to the waist in the mud to get out before being paralyzed by taking hold of the side of the path with my arms leaning on it and lying on the back to liberate my feet so they can hang on the side thus rolling my own body to get out of the mud while my dog was walking besides me. 3 times on the path I fell and managed to get out and the 3rd time I looked above my shoulder towards the mud and saw all these horrible snakes dead in the mud. I had this dream the night preceding the tragedy in Spain.

What do you make of this ?

Any dream you would like to talk about ?


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