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Hi Saorsa
I'm kind of like you. I refuse most of the time to watch or listen to news. It appears to me to be biased. Usually I'll read newspapers. This way I can pick and choose what I would like to read in the news and skip past the biased parts. I think that religion is one of many tools that humankind has used to rationalize and legitimize social,cultural,economic and political agendas. If a person hits another person with a stick. The question becomes is the tool(stick) at fault or the person wielding the stick at fault? I believe the person wielding the stick is at fault. The stick was simply the tool he used. I look at it the same with religion or any other tool humankind uses to rationalize or legitimize their or others actions. Religion has been used as a tool throughout history and today because its such a powerful tool.

Thank you,dane

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