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Afternoon everyone,

Saorsa. I for one find religion to be something pasionately beautiful and awe inspiring. My desire to know more of it's origins has been a labyrinthian journey both of body and mind.

IMHO mankind must learn to master their emotions, including greed and hatred as well as ego and self pleasure, in order to be able to fulfill one's heart and soul with the boundless love from our Creator. I firmly believe we acheived our imperfections after eating from The Tree Of Life against our Creator's will, and thereby gained what is now referred to as Free Will.

I admit Free Will is not a glorious and wonderful thing as some might have us believe, due to the interaction between our individual enviroments and our upbringing, and given the confined number of choices we are allowed to choose from; but it is all we have aside from each other.

Please do not allow yourself to be subdued by the violence of today, or in our short term past. Religion can be very uplifting, when used responsibly.

Warmest Regards and please excuse any typo's. (:>)


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