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These are good questions.

Part of growing up is getting the opportunity to tame one's demons to become human and a decent member of society. War and violence, often allied with religion in a kind of jihad or crusade, makes this difficult or impossible to do for many people. Boys are treated differently from girls practically from day one of their birth... held less, touched less, handled more roughly, not allowed full emotional expression, steered away from gentler, more artistic forms of play, etc.

In Dune, the idea of jihad is explored very deeply and seriously. Jihad or crusade seems to operate from a center of faith and emotion, not reason and logic; when faith and emotion get tied up with the need for a product, or greed, violence ensues, which then evolves into vendettas and feuds.

In medieval times we had the Crusades. Now we have the Islamic jihads and Mr. Bush's Crusade for oil in the name of the minds and hearts of Muslims, to turn them towards the more Christian way of thinking and doing things, towards freedom and democracy... only we here, including Mr. Bush, don't really have those things ourselves. We operate in name only, using language as a form of manipulation of the believing masses, fostering a collective denial of the truth about what's really going on. Without the blinding violence and blood of jihad, couched in the patriotic and biblical rhetoric that soothes the faithful, all we have left is the lust for greed and power and the ruthless, indiscriminate use of force to get it and keep it.


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