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Hi, I'm a very new to the site, but I have read much of your older chatter and discussions, and I think I found the spot I'm looking for. I try to keep a very open mind and following my gut on most theories. I do have a question though and I would like some input. I have read all the books by Laurence Gardner (currently reading Genesis of the Grail Kings) and I am very interest in Monatomic Gold. I went on line and found a sight where I could buy it, but you just never know about some things you buy on line. What I would like to know, is if anyone else has read the book and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark and what they thought about the possibility of the ark and its capacity to produce this monatomic gold for ingestion. Accoridng to L. Gardner, this powdered gold (physically altered gold) was ingested in Manna and this is supposedly what the Israelites ate while crossing the desert for 40 days. It is supposed to have an effect on your pineal gland increasing your third eye capacity. Any thoughts????

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