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Someone once said; that cores rot and cores ripen, that it is one alone who makes ones fate and that determining the ‘lightness' or ‘darkness' of one is not something that is a constant when pertaining to a fixed point in time in relation to the absence of time itself. In such a case whereas a core is of blackness in a moment of observance or ‘judgement'; or even as a sub-root in a majority portion of a life and even if the application of the self and intergration into that which is good and away from that which has blackened the core; the begining must not be forgotten. To forget the begining is to loose the lesson of life in being the observer for to the observed they themselves are the observer and see not that they are the observed. Much like with poison, would one to heal someone of poisons not give one serum to heal or would they themselves drink from the poisons source. To forgive blindly and ignore the past (ie the truth) is to fall a little further for to forgive and forget is but a half truth which causes the blackness to spread ... for ‘to forgive' is to allow an integration towards the forgiven; and ‘to forget' allows the passage of other aspects of the darkness a reverse flow. It is this reverse flow that is halted by the rememberance and concideration of the nature of the very cause of the act of forgiveness and in this (rememberance/concideration) a balance lay. It is true that within life one can change, it is also quite true that one can live in fakery and lie procuring the mask of deception to those who have taken the time to observe and've cared enough to forgive.

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On the human core 580 Cesar 29-Feb-04 10:27

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