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> I didn't exactly say that it does mean "as God is, so it is
> below". You're inserting words where I put none. I also
> believe that what's happening on our plane is the fallout of
> what's happening in astral planes.
> What I meant was we are alienated from the Divine realm but
> the world should eventually reflect it's harmony and it's in
> this sense that I meant as above so below. The astral planes
> need to purified also before this can happen.
> Rob

I agree then. The astral planes are being purified, but this is the work of ages, not years. Also, there are beings in the astral who are working hard to prevent it from happening, as is Mind, (Kal or Satan) who has a vested interest in hanging on to all the souls caught up in the illusion of separation from God. (Illusion from our POV, not God's)

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