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> The fact is that we are all alientated from how the world
> should be, which at the present time is not "as above so
> below".

"As above so below" does not mean "as God is, so it is below".
Between the physical plane and the Source there are countless levels of reality, all of them MORE REAL than the physical plane, yet they are still part of the trap of Mind, under the domination of Mind, and are therefore illusion.
These planes are the "many mansions" that Jesus spoke of--meaning that after death, and between lifetimes, souls go to the highest plane to which they are entitled based on their state of being, their love, their actions and desires.
The physical plane is reflecting what is happening in the astral and causal levels of reality, and this is where "as above so below" comes into play.
All is not roses in the astral. In fact, the hells are in the lowest astral planes.

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