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Agreed. For me carnality has a much broader sense but the first reaction of people I think will be to link it to sex drive or sin of the flesh.

This excerpt illustrates the way I understand "carnality"
quote :
I am using carnality, here, principally as the sin which remains in the believer after justification--the state or condition of sin (not an entity, not a thing), which inclines the believer to acts of sin). It is not to be thought of as a physical substance, of course, but as a state which is relational--in which, being deprived of special helps of the Holy Spirit, we become estranged from God and biased toward acts of sin. When this exists in the unbeliever, its strength is greater that when in the believer, because it is not then countered by the Holy Spirit (who indwells a person after he becomes a believer, according to Gal. 5:17 and Rom. 8:9).
source :
from my own experience.

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