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Hi Jer,

Well, you certainly have taken on a big subject here Jer, "the carnality of Gnosis"... I'm not sure if I want to stoke the fire but specifically, I do have reservations against the philosophy of "do what thou wilt" because it lacks a moral foundation, as Crowley found out to the cost of his sanity.

This lack of moral foundation has lead many to materialism making them passive consumers instead of taking an active and creative role in improving society.

In the past, people were brought up to respect Sunday as a day set aside from material cravings but now, it's simply become another dull shopping day for most and it's a symptom of the decline in the dog eat dog world of modern "civilised" societies.

I'm not saying we should bring back the traditional Sunday, even if one wanted to the ethos of Sunday could never be brought back now anyway but I don't think it's necessary to set aside one day of the week for creativity. We can be creative seven days a week. The problem is though that few people "seize the moment" (Carpus Diem) because the life commercialism offers is much easier and is less taxing on the creative side of the brain. A symptom of this is the increasing numbers of people becoming fat in capitalist countries and this is becoming an increasing burden and problem for health services.

I've talked a bit about "do what thou wilt" but gnosticism is quite a broad subject and different people have different interpretations of it, so I hesitate to comment too specifically. However, some other posters or yourself even, may write something to provoke me to further comment!

Carpus Diem!

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