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In another thread Ananda and I were discussing true value of root evil in which case she replied to my accusations of religious fundementalism being a symptom, not a cause. Here is the response:

"I agree with you in thinking that the displays and exploitations of fundamental religion are probably results with underlying causes, the main one being economic and oppressive. However, the displays of fundamentalism and religious views also have results, and these are not always conducive to tolerance, problem solving, and good thinking. Sometimes, however, thoughtful discussions can lead to better analysis and understanding of the problems and divisions that harm us ... and this can lead to healing and a more human sense of community."

Indeed. So my opposition to that was the fact that deep seeded human carnality will never let us fully advance to that level, therefore, the carnality of gnosis would stand as a circular pattern, ending up right smack in the humanistic determinism belief of "Do what thou whilst, which is the whole of the law"

Unfortunely, this reasoning is cloaked in the "altruism" argument, for which Richard Dawkins is famous.

But if there were ever such a case for carnal pride and greed, gnosis would be it!

I hear Milo calling!



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