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Hi Anselm,

You gave me some giggles with your post
it was so refreshing :-)

How I wish it was that simple :
quote :
My question is, does the world really need another esoteric cabal running around? Do potential initiates really need someone lording over them with manufactured titles? Is that what the golden age is? Esoteric power in the hands of few when faced with the apparent moral/cultural decline of mankind? couldn't they just pass out free copies of the Illuminatus! Trilogy and have done with it? Granted I'm somewhat of the "those that know don't tell and those that tell don't know" ilk, but still ...

Apparently Jesus has been accused to make information restricted to initiates available to everybody (whatever it is true or not I don't know)
but if it is true there is matter to reflexion considering how the true teachings of Jesus have been perverted and used to fit agendas and control over masses...... So in this case I won't say like Mrs Fix it, it is that simple.....I am afraid it is far more complex than that.

Besides just think for a minit everybody gets a free copy of the Illuminatus..
I bet not 2 people would agree on the same interpretation.....see
not that simple :-)
I think the only way it to raison global consciousness to a level that
the people not only get their free copy also I think do you remember
what you got for free in life without having to earn it ? On that later
so people not only get their free copy but have the tools to understand
the real meaning......
To come back to getting it for free.
Imagine you win the Lotto..........what happens ? I don't even entertain the idea of winning the Lotto because I know I would be in trouble....
I would get suddenly a lot of "friends" and this money I didn't earned
I sense would poison my life and relationship.
I prefer to earn what I get. Just my take on this.
I welcome any thought on the matter -:)
PS. I am with you on this one
at least I was now I am not so sure
as things can evolve when you say
"people who speak don't know
and people who know don't speak"
at least it was like that and it is still
mainly like that but I feel that things
begin to change a bit. Sharing is important
the problem is with whom ?

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