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Whilst the day of Epiphany has been discussed in terms of it's significance, it should also be pointed out that curiously that is also the day of the resurrection, in a double birth sense.

Epiphany now is upon the 6th day of the first month, but pre-Gregorian calendar change this was the 18th day of the first month/January, and this dating for the birth celebration was also the day of the resurrection which is obvious with a little calculation.

The last supper in the New Testament is stated as taking place on the day following the Passover, which was always on the 14th day of the first month, and thus the last supper took place upon the evening of the 15th.
The crucifixion then took place upon the 16th, with the day in the tomb following on the 17th, with thus the morn' of resurrection being the 18th.

Thus the same day was used as the traditional day of epiphany and also of the second birth, which is nothing if not consistant.


Armenia was the first Christian nation and generally one of the more reliable as far as religion goes and thus it's reasurring that in one church in the entire world the proper day is still celebrated, with all the others getting it wrong...

By the way this is also the central message of the painting 'Et in Arcadia' were the fingers pointing in opposite directions point out either AR or RA, thus in numerical terms either 1/18 or 18/1, but also the AR in Armenia means 'High', whilst RA was the name of the sun God in Armenia as well as Egypt.

One other key (Renne le Chateu) mystery generated around the painting was bringing to attention the association of the 17th of January with death and tombs and gravestones...most fittingly.


Thus he shall be called the sun of the most high and of the increase of his government there shall be no end...sort of thing.


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