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I guess not many people saw this interesting program then? Some comments I picked up at the time from various participants on the program:


"I can be a good person without the reward of heaven at the end".
I tend to agree with that - people will do good because they want to do good, regardless of any religious indoctrination or belief system encountered on their pathway in life.


"Going to church is a middle class habit rather than a means of seeking spirituality within one's soul" - a Japanese Professor.
I can remember the days when I used to be a meticulous and reverent altar boy at the Catholic Church. Indulgence prayers and Rosary citations were regularly chanted, the idea being that you get tokens and vouchers for days off simmering in hell if you end up there (a kind of insurance policy). One day I accidently touched the chalice whilst pouring wine over the priests fingers during mass. He jerked as though he had received an electric shock and flew at me in a rage afterwards about this sacraligious transgression. It dawned on me therafter that silly these rituals were not actually helping my personal development in life let alone helping me understand that I had a soul.


"A man is not a human being unless he believes in God" - an Israli Prime Minister
No comment!


"Killing under the cloak of war is an act of murder"
Right on! And taking my taxes to kill other people on my behalf is wrong.

Did anyone else see the program and get touched by anything said?


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