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"Your argument seem based on simply reasserting that you are right and that I therefore shouldn't continue to hold my beliefs."

I could say the same about your argument.

"Your tactic seems to be 'argument week so shout louder.' "

I don't follow what you're saying here.

"I do not accept that simply because people wrote Jesus did not exist that it simply makes it so."

It's not the assertion that makes it so. It's the lack of any historical evidence.

"The history of the early Christain Church starting from Jesus & His apostles is well documented and set out as historical fact."

By whom?

"I cannot understand how you continually assert otherwise."

No, you can't.

As for the apostles, there is not even any evidence that any of them existed. The so-called evidence you give is merely legends.

Scholars will tell you that none of the gospels were written by the people they are normally atributed to.

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