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Ahatmose wrote:

> You had really better get a reality check for it is really
> Christian Propoganda that is the root of many problems on
> Earth at the present time. I might suggest you check some of
> the various religous meetings in the past where arbitrary
> decisions were made such as: was christ the son of god ? Was
> Christ God ? And for your infromation there were indeed
> certain books arbitrarily left out of The Bible and the
> decison was wholy made by corrupt and power mad individuals
> and before you say that this did not happen because these so
> called Holy men would never do things like this may I suggest
> you check recent articles to learn who the real 'paedophiles
> in heat' really are.
> Don Barone

Hi Don,

Please see my post on good & evil to see my thougts on the notion that religion is at the roote of all evil.


Don can I point out that at no time in my discussion have I made matters personal. Even when I am discussing matters with a poster holding opposite beliefs that I hold like for instance Lee. You however, have made a personal insult on my character when you told me to get a reality check.

You have also made insulting comments on those in the early Christian church who decided was not relevant and what was relevant when compiling the Bible. Power mad individuals? You have to rememer that the early Christian Church had little or no power. You would be correct in believing that many people were murdered for holding their beliefs. Now that is not the behaviour of a power mad individual.

Don, it is important when compiling any definitive account that texts that are not relevant that are of poor quality or factually incorrect or in fact are mischevious are left out. I believe that those who are most learned about the subject are the ones most qualified to carry out an editing process.

So when you say that some text were not included you are actually missing the point. The Bible is and has always been only made up of its present day content. Other bits of writing writen during the period of early Christainity do not qualify as "gospels deleted from the true Bible by power mad individuals," simply because they were never part of the Bible.

The word excluded is incorrect. The correct understanding would be a book on Scottish history should not include a chapter on the history of development of gunpowder in China.

Water & Oil they do not mix.


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