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Paul Mallon wrote:
> A Christian festival celebrated by Catholics the world over.
> The faithful's foreheads are crossed with ash created from
> the burned palms used to celebrate the previous Palm Sunday.
> The ash is a reminder of our mortality of our body's eventual
> return to ash. We are also asked to abstain from meat and to
> fast by not eating in between meals.

Dear Paul:

I am posting this before having read the thread so if any of these thoughts were already said forgive me but I wanted my response to be unhindered by other thoughts.

Firstly if you have ever seen anyone in death you will know for certain that whatever life forces are at play here have long since left the body. The body is just the vehicle. It is meaningless. Sure we should look after ourselves and treat this vehicle or temple if you will with respect but it has nothing at all to do with 'the spirit' [if it exists]. They are completely and totally seperate and the one [the spirt] simply uses the other [the body] as a host.

To worship the body and worry about it returning to ash is ridiculous in the true context of immortality.

> Perhaps the lesson is humility. Perhaps the lesson is merely
> to focus our temporal minds on our immortal souls lasting
> importance.
> A question: how many posters celebrated this festival today?
> How many of you would profess to be Christians. It is an
> innocent question.

I am not a Christian and did not celebrate it of course but I find it really a maeningless ceromony and festival.

> I have noticed that some posters seem hell bent (pardon the
> pun) on putting down Christianity. They would even to so far
> as to deny Jesus ever walked this Earth. A very arrogant
> claim considering the huge weight of historical and
> contemporary evidence to support His existence. But we all
> chose our own paths.

Christianity as it is practiced today is absurd and as far as some of us are concerned, a virgin birth and doctored passages and only certain books being allowed in The Bible by a group of ambitious and ruthlessly power hungry men leave me well on the outside of this mass anipulation of men's minds.

> I am curious how many of those who would deny his existence
> were brought up by Christian parents in a Christian country?
> I would hazard a wild guess at most of them. But I bet again
> that most of them (pardon the use of the word them) didn't
> know the significance of Ash Wednesday. A very telling point!

I was brought up in a Roman Catholic home and neither my father nor the local priest were ever able to defend their religious beliefs to my satisfaction. When I was going through a certain stage in my life I went to a Protesant Church and they suggested I go see a priest. I went to see a priest and asked for Sanctuary as is allowed. He threw me out of the church. I never bothered with the Rabbi.

> In my experience those who would find cause and time to
> criticise Christianity are people who nurture a great
> ignorance of the religion while enthusiastically embracing
> ill conceived factitious stories that basically go a long the
> lines what all those religious people who have spent time
> studying their religion in an informed manner are wrong and
> this wild idea from this philosophical conjurer who is
> probably got as many good intentions as a paedophile on heat.
> Forgive the rant.
> Any thoughts recriminations or otherwise telling thoughts.

I have studied long and hard on these issues and I am afriad that most Christian beliefs are designed to keep the mass of humanity ignorant and under-educated. And worst of all those who would preach Jesus' teachings are themselves the worst offenders.

Best Regards
Don Barone

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