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You wrote:-

"Jesus started the preisthood. It is not a Catholic creation. Christ recognised that the great masses of humanity would require guidance He also recognised that a steady hand and calm spiritual leadership would be required"

What is stated in the 4 Gospels varies, and there is an understanding nowadays by scholars, as opposed to Belief-bound clerics and Christian theologians, that certain recently discovered "Lost" Gospels introduce supposed aspects of Jesus which "orthodox" Believers in the current completeness of the 4 Gospels find unsettling.

Standard Christian Belief tends to condemn any Gospels other than those in the New Testament as being heretical and the work of the Devil, as pronounced at that Council of Nicaea in AD 325: very few Western Bishops actually attended that Council, amazingly, but Constantine approved its deliberations, Creed and Canons. The Creed was the work of Athanasius of Alexandria, but it is interesting to note that the Pope Silvester did not attend the Council. The Council was called by Constantine because of increasing religious and theological divisions in the Christian Movement, paticularly the belief of a Bishop Arius that Jesus had two distinct personalities , one human and the other divine. Constantine also had a political motive, wishing to consolidate central control from Rome of the Movement, hence the rise of Roman Catholicism.

But Rome's hold wasn't strong enough to prevent the emergence of other early branches of Christianity, such as the Greek, Russian and Ethiopian variants, as well as later divergences of Luther, the Church Of England, the Baptists and 20th Century American "Clap-happy" Fundamentalism. The latter ,emotionally top heavy, "Clap-happy" Churchianity is, perhaps, the shallow soil which Jesus was referring to in his parable of the Sower and the Seed.

Thus, Christianity, like Islam, has different branches, and is subject to whatever adherents choose to emphasise from favoured pieces of the collage of Biblical writings. At the end of the day it boils down to a basic belief-system which one could term as a Meme - a Meme which, as with those of other religions, has maintained its (Doctrinal) appeal down through the millenia. Religious Memes can chime with the needs of the intellect, emotions and human nature; this is one reason why people in secular environments, becoming disatisfied with the unfulfulled promises and dischordant outcomes of Materialism, turn to some kind of spiritual compensation - whether Religion, Spiritualism or various "New Age" paths.

Marx called Religion "The Opium of The People", sensing this "spiritual Instinct" in humanity. And, although his own solution failed to successfully satiate it, perhaps his definition was an astute enough interpretation of that great Mystery which has persistently nagged our Group Psyche throughout all of the Ages of Mankind.

Once again, I maintain that Religion is Man-made- while God is not




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