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Nebankh wrote:

> (i) Is 'Ash Wednesday' Biblical, is it or 'Lent' in the
> Bible?
> For those who don't know what "Ash Wednesday" is: It
> is a day that marks the beginning of mainly Catholic
> holiday. On Ash Wednesday, the Catholic layperson receives a
> mark on their foreheads made of ashes by a priest, they are
> to where that mark until it wears off (all day).
> And NO, Ash Wednesday is not Biblical. Below is a
> short excerpt we had in our files. The only thing we could
> add to it is that forehead marking is seen among the
> heathen. We have all certainly seen the Pagan Eastern
> Religions marking their foreheads. Women of the Hindu
> religion for instance wear a Kumkum which is a red or black
> powdered forehead mark.
> Within the Catholic tradition, the forehead is marked
> by a Catholic priest once a year at the beginning of Lent,
> and that mark is composed of the ashes of the prior years
> Palm Sunday palms that are burned. The Bible knows nothing
> of such a practice but rather it is a tradition of man that
> much like the Catholic Confessional, necessarily places the
> Church between you and God.

Hi Jaq,

I do not have a problem accepting evolution of certain practices from prehistory (thou I have made no study of them) it is fine for me to accept that people would make themselves more comfortable in their religion by doing things their culture is already familiar with. For me it is a redundant argument to suggest a practice is not legitimate simply because it at some point existed in another preexisting culture.

>But we as Bible believing
> Christians know that we do not need to go through a man
> (priest) to interact with our Heavenly Father for any reason,
> confession or otherwise. These type of things are just
> Catholic manipulation tactics by which they control their
> congregants by supposedly dispensing the graces of God which
> are not theirs to dispense. After all, they would say, if
> the people don't need us to get to God who will pay our
> salary, pensions, and other bills?

Jesus started the preisthood. It is not a Catholic creation. Christ recognised that the great masses of humanity would require guidance He also recognised that a steady hand and calm spiritual leadership would be required.




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