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ArmchairObserver wrote:

> Actually, I seem to remember the abstinence from eating meat
> was only on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all Fridays
> during Lent.

How old are you? When I was younger we had fish every Friday - Friday being the day when we did not eat meat. I think the practice of fasting seems to be left to the individual these days although the Church does require it for Ash Wednesday & Good Friday.

> The spreading of ashes was not a reminder of
> mortality but as a way of showing repentence for one's sins
> during lent.

I think it symbolises both, doesn't it?

>Fasting is not about eating between meals, but
> actually going without eating meals or snacks for as long as
> healthily possible on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. I could
> be wrong as it has been some time.

I have never been taught not to eat a meal.

> >
> > Perhaps the lesson is humility. Perhaps the lesson is merely
> > to focus our temporal minds on our immortal souls lasting
> > importance.
> Lent is a cleansing of the soul from sin.

I think Lent has a dual purpose. Certainly cleansing the soul from sin is one of them. I think we are all recommended to Confess during Lent.

> >
> > A question: how many posters celebrated this festival today?
> > How many of you would profess to be Christians. It is an
> > innocent question.
> I don't think that this is a relevant question to ask but my
> family has been catholic for about 400 years or more, even
> when it cost them their home and their wealth.

The point I was hinting at in my question. Most of us may have a faded label of Christianity on our coats but many now do not practice the faith nor have any idea of want it means. When I made the post I had been reading a lot of the anti-Christian posts that try to have us believe that Jesus was some sort of pagan diety. People are discussing this without having the first inclings of what Christainity is.

> There are many different religions out there in the world and
> most of these other religions do not believe that Jesus was
> the messiah at all. It does not make these religions any
> less. Whether or not a person believes in Jesus or not is a
> personal matter and as of yet, the scientific jury is still
> pretty much out on whether he historically existed or not.
> Hence why the recent ossuary was so important. If it had
> been authentic, it would've been evidence that Jesus
> existed. Unfortunately, it was deemed a fake.

If Christ was fake He was the most convincing fake in all of human history. Humanity has on some level followed his teachings for over 2000 years now. Christianity has flowed through generations of mankind, countless billions of people believe that Christ existed. If he was a fake then we really have to begin to consider that the Nazi concentration camps are also facticious stories because it would be a con of similar proportions.

I think we really have to go back to the roots of Christianity when it was just Jesus's Apostles spreading the Word creating converts. Remember the Apostles died horrible deaths proclaiming the Word of God. It wasn't some con on their part. People may question the motives of the Roman Empire when it made Christainity its official history but we cannot question the motives of St Andrew for example who died on a cross, crucified upside down with his legs open in the shape of a star.

> >
> > I am curious how many of those who would deny his existence
> > were brought up by Christian parents in a Christian country?
> > I would hazard a wild guess at most of them. But I bet again
> > that most of them (pardon the use of the word them) didn't
> > know the significance of Ash Wednesday. A very telling
> point!
> This question, I feel, has no place in a debate. It is
> highly personal and could simply be used to seperate people
> by beliefs. .

Stephanie it is only a personal question if you are touchy about the topic. Again my point is many people who have decided to reject Christainity know very little about it but hold very strong negative feelings about it.

> These forums are for debate of
> evidence. You would be better suited to provide contrary
> evidence outside of your own personal belief to anything that
> you perceive as "ill conceived factitious stories".
> Please keep in mind that this is a multicultural board, with
> posters coming from all over the world and all walks of
> faith. The posters on this board have the freedom to choose
> which debates they wish or do not wish to participate in.
> Threads on religion can be awkward for some posters but we do
> not discourage discussion unless the code of conduct has been
> broken.
> Stephanie aka ArmchairObserver

Stephanie, your response to my point is over the top. AT no time in my post could a member of a non-Christian religion take offence. So there is no need to remind me that this is a multi-cultural board. Though I get the impression sometimes that Christians on this board have to take all the hits without being aloud to make any themselves.

Yes my personal beliefs are relevant to me. I believe in life after death, at times I may wish to discuss it. Any discussions I have on this subject will have one thing in mind. I will present no proof to back up my beliefs.

The content of your post suggests that you are telling me off in some way. A remarkeable reaction given that all I posted were a few thoughts on Ash Wednesday.



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