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Hi Kees,

My faith is such that I can never take myself seriously. So then my answer remains the same. :)

You'll recall Paul Mallon stated what I took to be a question:

>>Perhaps the lesson is humility. Perhaps the lesson is merely to focus our temporal minds on our immortal souls lasting importance.<<

Humility and focusing our temporal minds on our immortal souls' lasting importance . . .

So I answered:

>>It is both.

As Jesus was first -- eldest -- he will be King, and I'm okay with that -- I will defend with my life his right to be King. How many second sons and third sons and fourth sons SUPPORTED their elder brother in his inheritance? Democracy -- Republicanism -- came consequent to the second sons stabbing their elder brother in the back, undermining his legitemacy, colluding with merchants whose god is Mammon.<<

You may not recall (perfectly understandable as I can't even begin to imagine the volume of what mods have to keep track of on a daily basis) that I have been been quite frank (unlike many) as to the background I bring to this most excellent message board. I also use my real name, which would also seem to be a rarity. This is a matter of principle for me as, it seems to me, discussions of the sort that take place here on the "Inner Space" section of the GHMB are eternal ones and, as such (again, as a matter of personal conviction for me only), one ought to be prepared to use their real name as a testimony or surety that s/he, herself/himself, stands by that which they uphold as truth. Unlike the secret ballot of contemporary politics.

So I in expanding further before you, Kees, I will reiterate that my undergraduate work is in Philosophy and English, with a Master's in English Literature. I elected not to continue up into the rarified atmospheres of Parnassus as it is my view that the primary source of confusions is at the second tier, in both politics and matters of faith, among the coterie. This is where my researches lay, and this is the standpoint from which I was responding to Paul Mallon, in-kind, as respecting his question.

Further, consider, if you would, a long-standing tradition in Literature to speak in metaphor, in simile, in analogy. What follows is from Dante's Vita Nuova, as translated by Dino S. Cervigni and Edward Vasta:

"After the battle of diverse thoughts, it happened that this most gentle one came where many gentle ladies gathered; to which place I was taken by a friend, who thought to do me a great favor, since he was leading me to where many ladies presented their beauties. Hence, not knowing to what I was being led, and trusting in a person who had conducted a friend of his to the extremity of life, I said to him: 'Why have we come to these ladies?' He then told me: 'To insure they are worthily served.' And the truth is that they were gathered there in the company of a gentle lady who had married that day; for according to the custom of the city mentioned above, it was incumbent on them to keep her company the first time she would sit at the dining table in the house of her new bridegroom. Thus I, thinking to please this friend, resolved to serve these ladies in his company. And upon coming to this decision I seemed to feel a wondrous tremor commence in my breast's left side and quickly spread throughout my body. Then, I say that I rested my body, to disguise my tremor, on a pointing that went round the walls of the house; and fearing lest one might notice my trembling, I raised my eyes, and beholding the ladies, I saw among them the most gentle Beatrice. At that moment my spirits were so destroyed by the power that Love derived from seeing himself in such close proximity to this most gentle lady that no spirits remained alive but those of sight; and even these were bereft of their own organs, because Love wanted to stand in their most noble place in order to behold the admirable lady. And although I was other than before, I grieved much for these little spirits, who lamented strongly and said: 'If he did not bolt us like lightning out of our place, we could stay and gaze at the wonder of this lady just as do the others of our peers.' I say that many of these ladies, noting my transfiguration, began to wonder, and talking about it they mocked me to this most gentle one; hence my deceived friend of good faith took me by the hand, and drawing me from the view of these ladies, asked me what was the matter. Then, having somewhat rested, my dead spirits having resurrected, and the outcasts having returned to their possessions, I said to my friend these words: 'I have set my feet in that part of life beyond which one cannot go with the intention of returning.' After leaving him, I returned to my room of tears, where weeping and ashamed I said within myself: 'If this lady knew my condition, I do not believe that she would thus mock me; rather I believe that she would have great pity.' And my weeping, I resolved to write words in which, addressing her, I would express the cause of my transfiguration and would tell her that I know well that this cause is unknown, for were it known, I believe that compassion would grow in others; and I resolved to write these words in the hope that they would by chance come to her hearing. I then wrote this sonnet, which begins: With the other ladies.

"With the other ladies you mock my aspect,
and you do not think, lady, whence it comes
that I resemble a figure so strange
when I behold your beauty.
If you knew it, Pity could no
longer hold against me her wonted obstinacy,
for Love, when he finds me so near you,
takes on such boldness and confidence
that he smites among my affrighted spirits,
and some he slays and some he drives out,
so that he alone remains to look at you:
whence I change into someone else's semblance,
but then not so much that I do not hear well
the wailings of those tormented outcasts."

Love was first -- eldest -- and he WILL be King.

Warm regards,

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