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God is a god and God no matter what people believe or don't believe.

I have a lot of difficulty with portraying "the" God as male. I find it wonderful and interesting to speak of the God or the Goddess in the sense that these can be divinities within us, and can serve as useful manifestations of the divine in any sense, whether invididual or holistic, within or without, etc.

To me, the Bible is just a book, compiled by many different people over many years and put together by the church to afford people a sacred scripture to read and refer to. It has an incredible history in itself, provides us with some beautiful literature and lyrical passages, along with some very boring lists and some angry selections and hate-based messages. It's a book of stories about people, and that's how stories are.

Lots of books can be considered historical fiction in this way... based on legends or people or events from the past, but changed in the evolution of the telling.

In the Jesus stories, there are elements of history, but most of the events and symbols are derivative from other myths and religions, changed to support the development of the Christian church as it evolved through the years.

According to Jung, the human psyche needs God and religion. If a person rejects God and an organized religion, that person will simply craft a substitute in some other form or fashion. For example, an atheist might turn to science or developmental or behavioral psychology as a religion. A former Christian might turn to eastern thought or yoga... or maybe develop a heightened sense of art as a form of religious expression. That's what Joseph Campbell said was the new religious paradigm of a secular age: art.

Whatever the case, I think that all belief systems should be respected, but not the inhuman irrationalities that can attach to them, especially ones dictating morality through politics based on hate for other humans because of differences such as supporting same-sex marriage, or reproductive rights, or thinking well about the environment.


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