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Being raised as a Catholic with the concept of “guilt” and “original sin” It was many years before I began to question all this. Finally I worked out that God is just a way to satisfy our need to explain the past so that we can try to predict the future. Anything which we can’t explain we attribute to an act of god. This being so, sin, which is an act of which God dissaproves, dissappears if there is no God. The only rule is the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The only “sin” is to act knowingly with malice towards another. Unfortunately this concept has been taken over by the priests in their search for power and easy living.

Our need to explain, and thus create a God for the unexplainable, comes from the fact that we are the only species with a sense of the future long enough to enable us to make plans for it. I believe that this is what distinguishes us from the apes and other creatures.

We cannot decry the beliefs that we have, because our brains work with beliefs at all levels. We are unable to think logically as we never have enough time or information available to do so. Logic is a serial method of thought. Our brains are parallel devices and ill suited to logic, so they take short cuts, make prejudgements and classifications, which build into beliefs on which we base our decisions. So beliefs are very necessary to us and also cause us problems because we never question them, that is the nature of beliefs

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