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Hi Bill,

I, personally, don't think this is a "stretched" theory at all. I conclude also that the designers of the Giza complex believed everything in the universe is connected and leads to God as the source; that they wanted to represent "Heaven on Earth".

What do I mean? Well, "the all-seeing eye", the Egyptians called it "Ra", but I believe it represents the all all-seeing eye of God, the Creator.

In Josephus' writings, when he was referring to the time of Adam, he makes reference that it was Adam and his son Seth that built two archives, one of stone and one of brick to contain all the knowledge of their world, because Adam knew of the coming deluge someday, and that the old world and everything in it would be destroyed. I conclude that it was not only mathematical, architectural, scientific and astronomical knowledge that was saved, but spiritual knowledge as well.

If one examines the Pyramid Texts more closely, they would see the spiritual symbolism contained in the pages, very similar to the Holy Bible.

The Four luminaries is very interesting also. Sounds almost like a representation of the Four Gospels of the New Testament.

Then there is Ezekiel's vision of the Four Creatures, The Lion, the Ox (Bull), the Man, and the Eagle. Some say these are also representations of the Four Gospels as representing the Four Faces of God, and the Four Cardinal Directions of the Universe. This is also why the four Gospels stories are slightly different from one another.

I conclude that the founding fathers of the America, knew what these symbols meant also, therefore, they incorporated them in our money, national seal, etc.

Here's another clue: In the Holy Bible there is a passage in Isaiah 19 that refers to the "stone witness in Egypt at the border thereof."

The Great Pyramid is missing it's capstone. Jesus later refers to Himself as the "stone which the builders rejected."

So, possibly the capstone of GP was purposely removed or rejected or maybe didn't fit and was rejected? Maybe the stone is again going to be replaced, but not literally, spiritually? I know this is just speculation, but I welcome your comments.


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