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"In Sanskrit, KRS or KRSTA (Krista) means "lead or conduct an army; become master of; overpower; draw or make furrows; to plow." "Yana" means, "path; course; the vehicle of arriving at knowledge; the means of release from repeated births, such as in Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism."


"KRISTAYANI (Christian) means "Master of arriving at knowledge; Master of the means of release from repeated births."
- Gene Douglas

I'd like to elaborate on this theory put foward by Gene. Please check out

Here you'll find a description of the "Mystery Schools" that were operating secretly in Egypt, of which Jesus was a supposed member. These schools are desribed in much greater detail at


(check out the homepages of both for lots more related material)

Also, Kees, in his topic, "The origin of Christianity" put foward the idea of spiritual devolution of human beings to explain our early origins. Kees and those interested should check out




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