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Cleo, I forgot to answer your question about my reasons for turning this retirement commmunity into one that admitted children and minorities. I've told this story before on this website, hut I'll tell it again.

These reasons are important to me in any order. One, two, three don't tell the real story.

1. I just wanted to make money.

2. Little children are God's greatest gift. A community of just old people, who stay hidden in their homes, is a cemetery.

3. I am the worst enemy that "political correctness" ever had. It always seeks to divide and conquer. When I was young, it was "politically incorrect" to speak well of of minorities or integrate them into society. Anyone espousing racial harmony and unity was regarded as a pariah. But the minorities received their civil rights. Therefore, the politically correct New Salem witch hunters provided another way to keep the minorities blissfully unaware of discrimination. It become politically incorrect to reject underclass and substandard English, such as Ebonics and Spanglish. Anyone who winced when he heard such destruction of English was pressured to bend under and accept it, in order not to be labeled as racist. Those who wore baggy pants below their butts were also to be tolerated. Anything that would make a minority person palatable in the eyes of the Greater Society was to be rejected, on the grounds that anyone wanting the minorities to improve themselves was a "racist."

When I moved into Joshua Estates, I observed that the old folks here had adapted well to the new standards of "political correctness." I said to myself, "I'll now force them to accept my idea of 'political correctness."

When the Mexicans started to move in, a large group of these old folks came to complain to me. This is what I said: "You Bible Belt hypocrites. I've always had to cave in to your standards, keeping my mouth shut when I most wanted to open it. I suffered as a child under your standards and in the work place. But things have changed. I'm retired now, have my own money, and don't depend on my survival by keeping my mouth shut anymore. You can't keep my mouth sewn shut anymore. So now, you're going to have my vision for the world rammed down your 'politically correct' throats, whether you like it or not!'

Cleo, at first, I almost regretted what I had done. After all these people moved in, we started getting the loud music, fast driving in cars without mufflers, and gang activity. Here's one hilarious thing that happened: One family that moved in played their music so loudly, that not even they could stay in the house with it. They would turn up the volume to maximum, then go out and listen to the music while sitting on the curb.

But, thank God, everything calmed down. Nearly all the families quieted down and even exceeded the old folks in leading quiet, peaceful lives. Those that couldn't conform moved away after a few months. A few Black families moved in later on, becoming almost invisible. There are hardly any robberies here as in the more affluent neighborhoods. Some of the other housing developments consist of more luxurious houses, but they have a lot of crime. Everyone, even the police, agree that Joshua Estates is the most peaceful, quiet, and law-abiding neighborhood in town. Everything turned out almost exactly as I expected, but I did have some doubts at first.

I never regretted what I did. I'd do it again.


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