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Hello, again, everybody:

I think that this posting, though it deals with varying perceptions of social class, different political outlooks, perceptions of current events, and the like, appropriately deals with the Inner Space of all of us. Contributor Rob (Milo) told me that he/she (I don't know which, but I'll use "he" until I find out) could not understand or empathize with my inherent repugnance for and fear of mankind's will to believe. I'll describe my own personal inner evolution since I joined these message boards which led me to understand some of the misunderstandings occurring between and mong contributors. For instance, I have become acutely aware that Anglo-American contributors will eventually stop contributing altogether, or they reduce their correspondence drastically. The majority of those who remain will tend to gravitate to the Political and Current Events message board and stay there. Some of these ex- or dwindling contributors have discussed their problems as contributors with me personally, even trying to recruit me as a member of the "drop-out" crowd. I admit I sometimes waiver.

These anomalies have arisen because the non-English contributors, composed mostly of Anglo-Americans and a minority of other nationalities, have come up against the devilish specter (belief disease) of PRECONDITIONED CULTURAL PERCEPTIONS, and don't know how to deal with them properly.

Here was my first preconditioned belief error on this website. Through reading his books, I came to "believe" that Graham Hancock was an American, probably a Californian, because of his iconoclasm. Many Americans, including me, dearly love to pull the props from others' preconceptions. To my surprise, a few months ago, I found out that he is English. So, naturally, I have been writing to an English website all this time - I think.

The first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that so many contributors hate rich people. I often read on this website that "The rich willfully persecute the poor," Naturally, some Americans believe this near-superstition also because it is, indeed, true that some rich people take advantage of their exalted positions. But the bald truth is that here in the United States, 90 percent or more of all rich people are themselves ex-poor people. Most generally in this country, a poor man will get rich, and later on his children devolve back to poverty or, at best, in my case, to lower middle class. My father suffered from grinding poverty as a boy in frontier Oklahoma, just after it had quit being called "Indian Territory." He told me that his fear of poverty and constant hunger became so great, that he resolved never to become hungry or poor, ever again. When he married Mom, they went to El Dorado, Kansas where he got work as a boiler man in Skelly Refinery. After I had reached the age of ten, he began to sell real estate as a sideline. By the time I was 15, we had become quite rich and were living in a fine house, just two blocks from the center of town. When I was 19, we moved to Wichita, Kansas to live in a beautiful home with four acres of lawn planted in stringy Bermuda grass. Being old-fashioned, Dad forced me to mow it by myself with a hand mower - one week of mowing; another of raking. That was the main reason why I stayed in Mexico during the summer months, returning only during Christmas vacations. Dad then bought his own tractor mower.
After becoming rich, all of us had our own car and more money than we could handle. When we went somewhere, such as to the Country Club or on vacation, we all followed each other as if in a parade.

Deeply worried about our happiness, ecstasy and satisfaction with being rich, workaholic, puritanical Dad then ordered all of us to stick our noses to the grindstone as he was doing, or get out. Although I didn't want to leave all that money, I left willingly. I never regretted it. My deceased sister Janice was stubborn to the bitter end. Dad tossed her out anyway. Janice was never able to be happy after that. When she came here to Southern California to teach, I tried to get her to see the bright side of life. She said, "It can never happen. My life is just a dark shadow." She died, later on, at age 51, of breast cancer. I was told that upon her death, she had just enough money left to survive one more month! My younger brother (I won't mention his name) was just recently released from a federal prison at age 73. About him, I'm just going to say that he didn't learn anything during his ten years in prison - but just went back to his old ways. I hope he won't regret that. What I have just told you is a typical story of America's rich people: Dad starts out poor and gets rich. Junior starts out rich and becomes poor, each becoming what he is through choice alone!

Now, about our "Old Money" as we gringos call our privileged classes who inherit their wealth, such as the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. They became rich during the 19th century. Before Theodore Roosevelt broke up the monopolies, they virtually controlled all aspects of American life. They and their cronies formed an organization in order to perpetuate their hegemony, if possible. A superstition arose that they were part of a secret society, existing perhaps since Egyptian times, called "The Illuminati." This 19th century superstition about a few rich American industrialists exists to this very day and is treated as gospel in nearly every country on earth. This, to me, is really hilarious because people like old Patriarch Cornelius Vanderbilt were dirt poor before they started dabbling in oil and whatnot. Andrew Carnegie came over here as a poor immigrant.

I have finally come to understand why so many English people see life in terms of "class struggle." English society, from my point of view, appears to be a two-tiered society: those who inherit position; those who have to move upward the hard way, as my dad did. It is natural to assume that the reality of this two-tiered society will precondition people's minds sufficiently to think that "someone up there" wants to keep them smashed under foot. Now, let's suppose that someone really does want to keep them smashed under foot. A person who is really determined can overcome such an obstacle in spite of the most herculean efforts to keep him in bondage. In the Antebellum South, percentage-wise there were more Negro slave masters in Louisiana than Whites, many of them owning 500 or more slaves! They spoke French to perfection, lived in the best mansions, sent their children to France to study, and were the first to volunteer to fight for the South during the Civil War. I wrote an article about this once for a large Negro newspaper. Any readers of this posting who live in Louisiana should visit the mansion of one of them in Natchitoches, Louisiana. In Maryland, a Negro named Ricksum Webb bought a group of Germans who didn't have money to pay for their passage to this country. Upon learning about this, the citizens of their native Stuttgart bought their freedom. My friends, nothing can keep a good man down - no matter what the circumstances!

Like many English people, we Americans also have a number of countrymen who are convinced that all rich people are "old meanies," wanting to keep hard-working "poor folks" smashed to the bottom of the barrel. Experience has shown me that many of these are people who have tried to get rich and failed. Not wanting to admit that they made some bad choices and strategies, they blame their troubles on someone else. Others I have met have serious mental problems, such as manic-depressiveness. Naturally, they will express themselves more eloquently and convincingly on the Political and Current Events Message board.

I once had an elderly American friend, a rich restaurateur, who had various mistresses. One day, he said to me, "Gene, I have a great idea. From now on when I come to visit you, I'm going to bring my Costa Rican mistress so that your wife can have someone to visit with."

I answered, "You'd better not do that, for if you do, we're going to see fur flying all over this apartment. Those two will in all likelihood not get along well."

"But why, Gene? They're both Hispanics. They're Catholics. They speak Spanish and come from almost identical cultures."

"Don't let those mirages deceive you," I said. "Regardless of their apparent similarities, each Spanish-speaking nation differs from the others in their respective preconditioned cultural attitudes and beliefs. Mexican women believe they are morally superior to Central American women. My wife hates Central American women. In God's name man, don't bring your lady friend here!"

Not long ago, I saw a program eulogizing "Hispanic Unity" on a Spanish TV station. The moderator got up and bragged how united all Hispanic-Americans are. Before that program was over, it had turned into a bloody riot! I ask you: What happens when German, English, French, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, and other Euro-Americans get together? If you don't already know, I'll tell you: They won't even know they're different from one another!

I know, without trying, that it would be absolutely useless for me to tell most Christians that they are wrong about believing the way they do about Jews. I would imagine that this attitude is similar to that which many English people have of their aristocratic caste. We have all been conditioned since birth to see the Jews as "God's inner circle." Yet, there are as many poor Jews in this country percentage-wise and on earth as there are poor non-Jews. I would like to delve into this further, but I know I wouldn't get anywhere. Someone would just say I'm a tool of Zionism. If I am, I wish that some rich Zionist would give me a liberal "earthly reward" so that I could resume my passion for traveling all over Mexico and Meso-America the rest of my life, searching for new marvels and experiences.

The next time you are convinced that the messages pounding you from your "Inner Space" are worthy of validation, why don't you ask yourself whether Man's weakness for believing is worth all the trouble, bloodshed, and misunderstandings presently sinking the world more and more into the mire?

Gene D. Matlock

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