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Cleopatra wrote:
> fiascohoho wrote:
> Initially
> > according to the beliefs of the Founder..., but as time goes
> > by innovations are introduced by the administrators to
> > accomodate their own desires, lusts, perversions, until the
> > original message is totally obliterated by these oligarchies.

> Yes! ...and the aspects outside thei use are deemed heretical
> and the writings destroyed, the sects massacred.

But...also...I do think that the original message can always be found once again by individuals who seek. And the evolvement of the tradition is important too because it teaches us a tremendous amount about the original message. Like, why were some ideas from the original message considered heretical? And why were ideas not part of the original message, considered important or useful?

> >
> > Then..., then come the 'FUNDAMENTALISTS'.

> Much, much later! Most people don't know that throught the
> majority of the last 2000 years, the Bible and the mass was
> in Latin and the "Christians" who attended mass didn't even
> know what they or it, were saying!

Fundamentalism comes out of the church concealing the true meanings and truths about the religion. (Or not knowing it in the first place.) So naturally, people are forced to take it literally or how the leaders of their church tell them to take it.

> >
> > The Fundamentalists are almost without exception, entities of
> > monstrous ego who percieve a niche-market between the
> > corrupted religion and its bewildered followers.
> Ugliness, fundamentalists. The creators of all seperatism,
> isolationism and racism.

It is a disease, fundamentalism. But I agree with the other poster that we are all responsible for the larger picture of things. It was created by the actions of those who came before us. We all are responsible for doing our part to seek truth and share it with others who are accepting. To destroy such things not by condemning them or by judgement but by accepting them and by becoming part of the force that aids in the transcending those belief systems. Those who are doing so are creating great changes. Like the work of the Jesus Seminar in religion. Or the work of free-thinkers in history like Graham Hancock. Each time a fellow seeker throws their stone in the pool it creates change in the orthodox/fundamentalist realms.

I don't see the fundamentalists as egomaniacs really. I see them more like those who cling to a rock in the stream of life, rather than going along with the stream. Its essentially a fear-based paradigm. And although it creates all sorts of evils in our society, it is understandable how it came to be. Fundamentalism is also an expression of our worst human characteristic...the need to be right. The day we give up needing to be right all the time is the day of our personal salvation. "Right" changes as the seeker journeys. People will suffer, fail, even die for their cause to be right. The orthodox and the fundamentalist are always right. This is the central reason they are stuck.

So its not so much about leading them to give up their ideas. Its a matter of leading them (through example) to transcend their ideas. Not give them up or reject them, but to allow themselves to go beyond and move past them. A larger view. See, fundamentalists see it as an all or nothing type of thing. Same thing with the orthodox. But this is not true. There is another choice.

> > This is much as it goes Cleo; and when these cretinous
> > fundamentalist leaders are found guilty of every perversion
> > in the book.., the big surprise is that their bewildered
> > followers just keep on filling their coffers with hard-earned
> > cash because they still desire- above all else- to BELIEVE.
> yep, sad, like sheeps led to the slaughter.

But most of the leaders out there aren't in it for the money...they really believe it too. But the fundamentalist mind is wide open for being raped by the false types of leaders on TV because the pattern is so easy to take on. I mean, anyone could profess to be a christian Fundamentalist and know exactly what to say about anything and then tell the tv audience to send in money. But you can't fake being someone like Paramahansa Yogananda. You can't fake real spirituality. Look at some of Yogananda's books, which are basically collections of his speeches. He never wrote anything down! He just picked a topic and talked directly from his soul to his audience for long long periods of time. And the stuff he says is truly inspired and divine. Nope, you can't fake that!

> > It is an indictment of RELIGION. Organised Religions are the
> > pariahs that feed on, that bleed genuinely decent peoples
> > from every race and belief and separate them form not only
> > their fellow human beings..., but from the deities on other
> > levels that are working tirelessly to steer our race towards
> > our ultimate destiny.., to become fully fledged members of
> the
> > the Great Brotherhood, the 'Fraternity of the Stars'.

Yeah...once I got to this part of your post I knew I had to come back and elaborate or I wouldn't be doing justice to your points.

I would agree with you on one hand. But its not necessarily a conspiracy in total. I mean, many of those who run the religions, like priests and bishops are good people and really believe in what they are doing. Clearly many do not or are completely twisted, like the nuns and priests who sexually abuse children and or who took slaves. The orthodoxy itself leads to such perversions.

I guess what I am saying is that it need not be seen as a battle of good and evil. It can't work that way. We all have to transend together. This means accepting the whole before all of us can reach the "Fraternity of the Stars."

Like it or not, the fundamentalists and orthodox among us are part of our human family and human destiny. And on some level we are all responsible for their creation and continuation. My own way has been to accept their beliefs for what they are, examine them carefully and completely disect them. In this way I feel like I can work with them best.


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