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adequatedane wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> The other day I was reading a book about addictive thinking
> and personalities and I kept wondering how/does, karma play
> into our thinking.If anyone has read any of my opinions about
> the cognitive(thoughts)approach to life in other postings
> they will know that I believe that thoughts create emotions
> and over time emotions create our behavior.If this is
> true,which I believe it is.Does or can Karma effect our
> thoughts or can/does it only effect other things in or about
> our lifes?

Hello Dane,

I can't answer you per say, but I can share with you my own perspective, for what its worth. And for the record...the following is only my current opinion (its always evolving!) ...

First off, even if our thoughts can create our emotions, this can be avoided. We have complete and total control over our thoughts but either a) aren't aware of that fact or b) not willing to be for whatever reason that we believe serves us. (even if it doesn't!) Emotion is our personal energy working in creative/attractive action. It matters little what our thoughts about it are once in motion! Emotion is energy created and is what it is, attracting/repelling experiences perfect for our development or evolvement.

Now, emotions can create thought, this is true. The inportant thing is to have this the right way around and in proper perspective, again, in my opinion. And also, to make sure the lower self or physical self or ego, is not the inspiration of those thoughts about your emotions. Are you with me?

> A basic definition that I use for Karma is,'Action and
> reaction,what we send out comes back to us.'Meaning that
> errors or mistakes in life require redress or understanding
> so that we may learn from them(heal).If this doesn't happen
> in the lifetime where it occured then it may/or will happen
> in a succeeding one.Karma is not punishment.

Every human being by his thoughts and actions becomes the creator of his/her own destiny (aka, past-present-future)

I know that there
> is good and bad Karma and that I am only addressing bad Karma
> in my definition.

You can call karma "good" or "bad" but in reality it is neutral. It's the perfect reaping of what it is we sow.

The reason for this is that I don't see
> having a addictive personality as a positive choice in
> lifestyles created from good Karma,it must result from bad
> Karma.

As soon as one labels themselves as having an "addictive personality" they are limiting themselves and their possibilities. Thinking themselves right into "bad" karma. You said yourself karma is not punishement. The truth is, its self created. So once a person lets go of the thought they have an addictive personality, voila, its gone. It's that simple! It doesn't matter what they actually indulge in after that point. Eventually it will change based on their beliefs about themselves. If you think its bad karma for someone to create themself as being an addicttive personality, then one needs only let go of, or transcend themselves from the concept. It's different than avoiding or denying it! And then guess what, poof, "good" karma! But it won't appear until there are no more thoughts sponsoring the ideas about addictive personality.

> Addictive personalities exhibit a thinking process that is
> different from the norm.

There is no such thing as normal! People cann adopt some daily affirmations that they are not an "addictive personality" because its something one cubbyholes themselves into when the truth is, we are all free to create ourselves into whatever we wish at any moment.

But this process seems as real to
> them as normal processes appear to normal people.It is just
> as difficult for an addictive personality to understand
> normal thinking processes as it is for a normal person to
> understand addictive thinking processes.

It's illusive because whatever one focuses on, the rest disappears. When one decides something is true for them, the rest falls away. Look, there is no normal! There is no scientific formula for how thinking processes work out. Each individual has complete and total control over what they think at any given moment. (Even if they don't know it yet!)

How then,in karmic
> terms,does this thinking difference occur?Does Karma effect
> the actions that take place outside our lifes so that we fall
> into an addiction.

No not at all. Again in my opinion. What we think supports our actions which then together creates an affect on our emotions/psyche and then karma takes place as a reaping of what we sowed with our thoughts and actions by attracting and mirroring the current state of our emotions. Are you with me? So its not instantanious so to speak, it depends on the state of the emotios/psyche/soul.

You know have bad events occur to us so
> that we suffer and in turn choose an addiction to something
> to help with the suffering.

Turning to the addiction is self-medicating the "bad" karma we created ourselves through wrong thoughts and actions. Usually our thoughts and actions are affected by our emotions/psyche or soul, but for change to occur sometimes one must override such tendancies on the grounds that your emotions/psyche are a collective pool of all of your experiences. So sometimes in order to move on, one must override emotion/psyche/soul and not allow it to have reign over our thoughts and actions. If one lives at the command of their emotions they will be stuck doing the same mistakes over and over again! Take charge and change the sponsored thoughts and actions and the emotions will change and evolve and the needs for addictions will taper off and disappear.

Or does Karma effect our thoughts
> which creates emotions that we try to deal with in an
> adictive environment?Or does Karma work through both ways?O

Karma works only one way, it is what we reap based on what we sowed. It's the dissatisfaction with what is being reaped that leads to addictions or crutches. Trying to stop the addiction is futile. One must get at the source, and that is the thoughts and actions creating the reality ones reality, mirrored by the psyche. And also, not allowing ourself to be defined in one way or another, like saying we are an addictive personality. I will suggest the first step is deciding we are not any one thing at all!

Please let me know what you think
> about this.

Hope I made sense!

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