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adequatedane wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> The other day I was reading a book about addictive thinking
> and personalities and I kept wondering how/does, karma play
> into our thinking.If anyone has read any of my opinions about
> the cognitive(thoughts)approach to life in other postings
> they will know that I believe that thoughts create emotions
> and over time emotions create our behavior.If this is
> true,which I believe it is.Does or can Karma effect our
> thoughts or can/does it only effect other things in or about
> our lifes?

Karma does not affect our thoughts as much as our thoughts affect our karma.
Thought always precedes action, and I include emotion and desire in "action".

> A basic definition that I use for Karma is,'Action and
> reaction,what we send out comes back to us.'Meaning that
> errors or mistakes in life require redress or understanding
> so that we may learn from them(heal).If this doesn't happen
> in the lifetime where it occured then it may/or will happen
> in a succeeding one.Karma is not punishment.I know that there
> is good and bad Karma and that I am only addressing bad Karma
> in my definition.The reason for this is that I don't see
> having a addictive personality as a positive choice in
> lifestyles created from good Karma,it must result from bad
> Karma.

Would you see being born mentally retarded or physically handicapped as bad karma? Sometimes, and sometimes not. Such a birth may be as much for the benefit of the parents who must care for such a child as the child itself--maybe more so.

> Addictive personalities exhibit a thinking process that is
> different from the norm.But this process seems as real to
> them as normal processes appear to normal people.It is just
> as difficult for an addictive personality to understand
> normal thinking processes as it is for a normal person to
> understand addictive thinking processes.How then,in karmic
> terms,does this thinking difference occur?Does Karma effect
> the actions that take place outside our lifes so that we fall
> into an addiction.You know have bad events occur to us so
> that we suffer and in turn choose an addiction to something
> to help with the suffering.Or does Karma effect our thoughts
> which creates emotions that we try to deal with in an
> adictive environment?Or does Karma work through both ways?Or
> am I way off base on this.Please let me know what you think
> about this.

I don't believe there is one correct answer to this question that could be applied to every person with an addictive personality. We are all addicted, varying degrees. And we are all insane to varying degrees... The "norm" is nothing but that--if the entire sample population is insane,
the "norm" is the place on the curve where the majority happen to be.

When it comes to drug, alcohol, sex, food addictions--why do we do it? Because it gives us relief from the consciousness we're stuck in. Even a chocolate bar... What does that say about the world--this consciousness--that so many feel the need to anesthetize themselves to it? Is it their fault,
or is it the world? IMO, it's the world. Some are stronger than others, but no one is really happy here. No one. If they they are, they are lying to us or themselves. I would pity someone who loves the world.

Karma--there are three types:
A. All of our accumulated karma from every lifetime--thoughts, desires, least the kind that create karma. (not all do)
B.That portion of "A" above, which we bring into this life to go through. (It's too much to bring it all unless we are nearing our last life)
C.That karma which we newly create in this life. This will be paid off in future lives, not necessarily physical lives..could be astral lives.

So you can see how difficult it is to escape this wheel of rebirth...we come here blind to who we really are, not knowing "the rules", not even believing in karma when we finally stumble across the belief in it. This is the trap of Mind, of the Negative Power. The Administrator of karma, if you will...
The trick is to not create new karma, and to attach ourselves to Something stronger than Mind--the Shabd/Holy Spirit--like a dog being pulled by a bulldozer. To be pulled UP, rather having the senses pull us down and keep us running up that big karmic credit card.

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