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Coincidence is a strange thing. Something we instantly dismiss and yet something so powerful that we deny its importance. What is it? Personally I don't believe in coincidence and yet whenever I talk to people about it they seem unable to get my point and dismiss it as unimportant.

My ex girlfriend has a cousin. With his last pound he bought a lotty ticket, much to the anger of his wife, and won £2.2 million.

My ex girlfriend didn't buy her ticket one staurday like she normally does. Her numbers came up (and no, not the reason I'm not seeing her anymore lol)

A colleague at work's father didn't buy his ticket one weekend - his numbers came up.

Now the odds of winning are extremely low - 1 in 14 million or so, and yet I know of 3 people who have won. What are the chances of me bumping into 2 people, who normally buy lotto tickets, who's numbers came up on the only day they didn't buy a ticket? The odds have to be far lower than winning right?

Yet I have yet to meet anyone who has actually won.

The lotto isn't important here. It's just an example. What I'm getting at is the odds are so low that coincidence becomes a weak excuse.

What are the odds of you running into someone who knows 2 people who's numbers came up but they didn't win? LOL it's insane.



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