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Hello Banah,

John 10:9 I am The Door [to me, The Gate] By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved and shall go in and out and find pasture. [does not exclude women, right?]

There are some who think the word "salvation" was originally "reincarnation" and that "saved" is being permitted to continue experiencing the human condition and in so doing, become "complete" and move to the "plane of existance" we call heaven. An interesting point of view. Yet that is all any of us have,,, a point of view,,, opinoins based on perception. "Knowing" results from experience and can rarely be explained because there aren't enough words. If Jesus had enough words, there would be no confusion today, involving His work. "Faith" is a result of reasoning and is controlled by our "reason". Yet we can say that human reason is corrupt, because we continue to kill each other,,, having great faith in our "cause" and actions.

I like using the onion to compare planes of existance. The human condition is one layer and is separated from the next layers by a thin skin. We have the ability to go through that skin and all those other layers. As in going in and out and,,, find pasture, which is to grow, progress beyond our human condition, and return, at will.

IMHO, everything Jesus said supports reincarnation.

The Guth legend, I will have to dig into old floppies to find more on it but will let you know.



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