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Hi Armchair,
IMHO, humans are percievers. In order to experience or act, we must first percieve. The idea of the unborn choosing their parents is rooted in the idea that we must experience everything involved with being human,,, the human condition. Each "waiting Soul" knows exactly what is required or not yet experienced and chooses parents already here, who also lack experiences. Hence, the abusive parents learn by experience, while the abused child also learns and is actually a teacher, by choice. In this way, we are "recycled" until we become "complete",,, have experienced everything within the human condition, including the art of OBE at will.

Also, the murderer in one life, may be the murdered in the next life. As in "what goes around, comes around"... "As above, so below"... One man's treasure is another man's poison." Sort of like saying we must eventually reach a point in "growth" where we are "complete" and not have a reason to become human again... That is Castsneda calls "Total Freedom".

There is an old NAI proverb; "We each have two wolves within us and they fight daily. The winner of each fight is the wolf we feed the most."



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