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The original post on reincarnation became too long, so I will start a new one. Should any Mod feel it out of line, please remove it

I view reincarnation based on personal experience, events in my life which point in that direction. Alex, on his 5th birthday, being treated to dinner out by his Mom, liked the hot bread so much he wanted nothing else. Asked why, he replied, "It tastes just like Scottish rolls."
He went on to explain how these rolls were made and baked. After several calls, his Mom found a bakery that made these very rolls for the Shriners on special events.

Alex was spot-on! Furthermore, Mom asked him where Scotland was and he said, "Just a little up from Engalnd, you know Mom, you went to school."

Then there is Matt, not yet 4, watching us play with a soccer ball said, "That's fun. I used to do that a long time ago when I was big." Matt proceeded to wear out 3 adults, left-footed. He is right-handed. He is 15 now and has no interest in soccer.

Alex lives in California, Matt lives in Louisiana and is 4 years younger than Alex.

Just two examples of small children using their "prior-knowledge/instinct". This type of child is called "Indigo" today.

I have a grandson, not yet 2, who astonishes me every time I visit him, doing and saying things he has no way of "knowing".

Was it Jesus who said, "Lest you come as a little child,,,,."?

On my NAI "path", it is the child who chooses the parents, before conception... How long before is yet unknown. We say a child's "Gate" [to God/The Spirit] is open until the process of growing up, closes it.
This Gate is very similar to the ancient Hebrew legend of the "Guth", the store-house of souls, waiting to be incarnated or reincarnated. The gender is determined by the parents, but not by choice.

Jesus also said, "I did not come to bring peace. I came so that you can go in and out and find pasture".
In and out of the Gate/Guth which is-or-leads-to The Spirit/God???

If we did not have opinions, different opinions,,, how could we ever hope to learn? How could we ever hope to grow?
My view of life may be a sharp departure from anyone's but it is mine and I will continue to respect the views of everyone.

Agape to all,

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