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Martin, from the first time I made the fatal mistake of getting over on that political and current events board, that person Aarooga has been after me, mostly accusing me of racism. He really let go at me once when I told about an experience my wife and I had along Highway 8, between Tucson, Arizona and San Diego. It and the Highway between Phoenix and Tucson are getting very dangerous because of competition between smugglers, people traffickers using arms to force their way into the USA, and other factors. At night, Highway 8 gets so dangerous that many travelers will get motel rooms for the night before risking their lives on that stretch of highway.

The Mexican border is almost directly at the left of Highway 8. As one gets close to Calexico, California and Mexicali, Baja California Norte, a stretch of high, jagged and unforgiving mountains, called La Rumorosa, made of nearly solid rock, extends almost to Tijuana. It has to be seen to be believed! Illegal aliens and smugglers often choose to cross over to the United States from those jagged stone mountains, often never arriving alive. When I was the bilingual teacher (a nice way of not teaching them English only) at the high school where I taught, some of my students told me about all the suffering they had endured, crossing over those mountains of stone. One student told me that one night, as he was sleeping in a chasm, he woke up and found himself literally buried in tarantulas. Needless to say, he lost all desire to spend the night sleeping.

One day, as my wife and I were on highway 8, with La Rumorosa at the left, we came upon some immigration officials who had captured what appeared to be 30 to 40 illegals. These illegals were not like your everyday run-of-the mill Mexican illegals. They were dressed in brand new denim shirts and trousers, that looked almost like military uniforms. They had heavy boots suitable for that rocky terrain. They were also well equiped with knapsacks, sleeping bags, and other mountain gear. They had Middle Eastern features and all had long, luxuriant beards.

I told Aarooga that my wife and I were sure they were Middle Easterners. He wrote me back, suggesting that I was a racist for assuming that they were Arabs or Pakistanis. But Martin, does one have to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to be a racist? Is there anyone so naive to think that these affluent-looking illegals were Mexicans? A Mexican who could dress like that wouldn't need to come into this country to find work. Mexicans come here to escape their poverty. Also, Mexicans don't usually wear long, thick beards. But they do often wear moustaches. Mexican illegals, being poverty-stricken, come in poorly dressed and unequipped to face the horrors of crossing over to this country. Also, our own government admits that the border between Mexico and Southern Arizona is the favorite crossing point for Middle Eastern illegal immigrants.

Martin, in spite of Aarooga's insults, I was polite and respectful with him. And I never sought him out as he did me. Aarooga jumped on me two days ago for saying that Schwarzenegger's last name is rapidly neutralizng the impact of the "N" word, a demeaning, humiliating name for American Negroes. Aarooga told me that I was using this as an excuse to include that word in my vocabulary. This is not true - and for two reasons: 1. I don't want to insult Negroes. 2. They use it themselves in their Ebonics dialect. Ebonics is street English, and its use keeps Negroes back. Why should I approve of a dialect that is inappropriate for people wanting to advance in life?

Aarooga's last attack was the last straw. Although we have never known each other personally, he must have some kind of personality conflict where I'm concerned. I hope that he and I will never have any conversation between us again. I'm certainly willing to do my part.

Martin, when I was young, I used to plan and collect interesting life experiences as some people collect postage stamps and baseball cards. Before going on trips, I would study the region where I wanted to go carefully, writing down the most interesting places. On such trips, I tried to visit at least two fabulous places daily, if possible. After a number of years, I racked up an impressive number of experiences.

When I was teaching, I often told my students about my experiences. Since I have had so many wonderful experiences, some told me I was lying. I then decided to take some students with me and my wife on some of our summer trips. My wife and I did this several times. I usually chose routes that had a lot of interesting sights along the way, so that they could have two or three interesting experiences a day. Then, when we returned to California, I told them, "Now, it's your turn to be called liars at school."

Actually, I am not all that well-traveled. I have been in Japan and Korea with the Marine Corps. Also, I have visited 36 states of the American union, all of Meso-America, and Central America as far as Panama. That's the extent of my traveling. But the things I have done in the regions where I have traveled are impressive. My wife says she can't understand how I came out of it all alive.

Martin, I'm going to tell you about someone who is REALLY well-traveled. When I was young, my mother and father were friends with the parents of the world-famous anthropologist and archeologist, Professor Schyler Jones. His life has been interesting and unbelievable. I read recently that he was the inspiration for the Indiana Jones movies. Now, there's a guy loaded with experiences! I have the honor of owning an autographed copy of his first book: Under the African Sun.

I have been deeply involved in searching for the origins of our American Indians. I have found the true origins of most of the major tribes. Nearly all our American Indians came from India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Turkic countries. I wrote two books about this which I had iUniverse publish. I have finally succeeded in getting the attention of a few tribes and even setting up meetings between them and some Hindu organizations. Although the O'odham tribe of Southern Arizona shuns me, I think they are listening. Not long ago, they were hosts to a group of Hindu orphans. I was finishing a really fascinating and more authoritative book about the Hindu origins, not only of the American Indians, but of Europe as well. However, I put it on hold. I've been working hard trying to get people to turn their attention to spiritual approaches to life before we humans blow this old world up.

Thanks for your kind words.

Your friend, Gene

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