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Using a quote from Christ , is Not revealing. In fact, asking a 7 day old child a question is silly.
The quote attributed of Christ , was implying a re-birth on his fathers perfected sphere, that place Christ said was Heaven of the Mansions Worlds.

Reincarnation , is Not an manifestation of self that is as you think, because of your faith in the doctrines of Christianity.

You are Re-importable back into the finite adventure, in a reincarnation of self. But this act of re-materialization in a finite form , which can be any form that houses a consciousness, is not limited to re-joining the human species.
It might be helpful if you would think of Life in the finite form as being an adventure , an place of freedom.
Totality is Not a place of adventure but is rather the dwelling place of self. Self wants freedom and adventurous drama, not just existence without end.
If you did not have a pre-conditioned idea of creation set in your mind from exposer since a child of the ideas of ascension beyond your present earthly condition and world , you would not find logic in the words attributed to Christ.
Christ was a young man who had an personal desire of upholding the ideas of morality best shown through the ideas of Man kind becoming righteous through the death of the body , then too receive from an All-Powerful creator a new form and environment that would help sustain those ideas of Morality , as Brotherhood and Sonship to that All-Powerful Deity.
This idea is Wrong.

We are Children of the Universe first and then Children of our World.
Children of the spaces filled it seems by the eye of biology with Soil and Air.

We are Eternal Earthlings, not sent on a cosmic voyage as Christ and others has said, We are always inhabiting our world Earth, here joined closely as a cosmic collective within the Forces that is those that has formed the earth into this materialized world. Our World for our hands to build things and explore the Materialized.
Why ?
But for the sack of Importation away’s from our natural state, away’s temporally, from the ordinary timeless dwelling place.
It is far easier to look up at the stars , look at your environment for clues of creation , seek answers of things created , ask what is the Correct Way of living in the finite adventure.
Even find faith in men like Christ, to be so strongly felt by self ,as logical and moral , that to even question his thoughts , would amount to a personal sort of moral default.
You say that you knew a man who claimed to have lived in another era.
Well there are so many souls awaiting the chance of the finite adventure that to make the life cycle as a reincarnated person , could take even millions of years.
There are Many Souls.

Life is truly a Gift . A Gift worth more than All the riches in Time and space.
But Life can depending on one’s imported era be founded as a Nomad living out a life hunting the Animals of the fields and forests or Imported as a Man who might Take that first Mortal step onto another world.
Material things are a necessity by design. These things created by the hands of the finite allows changes of the scenery , the era.
Not meaning to offend , But You might be Imported into different eras, but maybe not always returned there as a man.


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