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Martin, thank God I received an answer from you and not from this guy Aarooga. I used to be polite to him all the time, but I've started to take the same advice I once gave to that little grade school boy.

By the way, before I get into the subject of reincarnation, I'd like to tell you something about that school, which I, at least, thought was funny. During recreation periods, we teachers would stand outside "supervising" (hypocritically feigning to do the impossible), making bets on what kids would get beaten up.

Once, when we were standing with the principal, he looked at the southern extreme of the campus and picked out a little boy. He said, "I'll bet that within five minutes that boy will walk over to the northern extreme and hit the little boy standing next to the fence. The playground was about a block long. Martin, sure enough, that happened - and to the second!

I'm sold as I am on reincarnation because I have witnessed countless sessions, with subjects under hypnosis, in which they told about past lives. We never did just listen, but we investigated the place names, etc., finding out that they were accurate.

When I was living in Mexico City with my first wife, a family back in Wichita, Kansas sent their fifteen year old son to visit us. I had observed this boy under hypnosis before, knowing he was a good subject. One night, at a party where several Mexican university professors were present, I put him under, asking him to return to a past life. He suddenly started speaking Renaissance Spanish. He told me that he was born in Wales. After his parents died, some Catholic priests took him to Spain, gave him a good education and changed his name to a Spanish name. He then told us how he was sent to Mexico during the conquest, to work there as a scribe. He arrived in Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) just after it had been destroyed. He told us facts about Cortes that no one ever knew. The professors confirmed that he was speaking the truth. I won't go into more details about this, for sake of brevity. After the session was over, I asked him to give me his full Spanish name. He answered somewhat impatiently. "Surely you know who I am. Man, I'm Lorenzo Martinez. "We've traveled together before!"


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