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Deano, I am fully aware that "everything" in this physical dimension is an illusion. I have talked extensively about that on many other posts..

Nevertheless, the "gap" that I discuss is a "relative" gap between two illusionary realities. Man-made common reality and the natural reality of this physical dimension..

IMHO, since birth the soul is trying to adjust to this dimension and it is somewhat lost between dimensions! Then, as the years pass, it starts getting adjusted to this dimension only later to determine once again (in your case after 50 years) that it is indeed an illusion..

I agree with you that the task of the warrior (or the protectors of this realm, the avengers of evil!) is to understand the difference, remove the illusion, perceive the real-reality and help the others to wake-up, so to speak!

You say, "I can't immagine a more exciting, rewarding path, or a better time to follow it. I am no longer lost, or wandering". That is GREAT to hear that. Some of us are projected into this dimension at critical times when major nature cycles are about to happen in order to experience these things and help others..

Great wisdom comes when one can tap into that inner-space reality and use it as THE guideline for what one must do in this dimension! IMHO, we are ALL projected here into this physical dimension for very specific reasons...

I am glad that you found your path......


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