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It's early morning (no sleep this night), my head is boiling from reading Rick Strassmann's intriguing "DMT - The Spirit Molecule", and I think maybe a couple of mindless hours spent in front of the old 'puter is as good a way to celebrate the rising (just barely) sub-arctic sun as any - and then I stumble upon this thread...

To sum it up - it's a good thing to see I'm not that cut off from the rest of humanity as I happen to think much of the time. This thread has touched on a multitude of issues that occupies my daily musings, and I felt compelled to post my first words on a internet MB in over a year. Thanks to the original poster for sparking it off.

Yes, I feel there is something happening... felt it in a severe way since 9/11, and my life has changed dramatically as a result. I could no longer keep on making software in order to make slick suits even richer, and quit my job, couldn't cope wholeheartedly with my relationship and consequently lost my girlfriend, wasn't able to care to much for my looks and has wound up as what might be described as a rasta-shaman-bum looking guy.

It's a mixed feeling for sure, being me these days. From the above description you might pity me, but let me tell you, I feel more alive than I've done in decades (I'm 42 now). My mind is positively vibrant. I can't get enough of... well everything. It started out as an investigation of the 9/11 events. After the shock had released its grip I realized something about the picture was horribly, horribly wrong. It then spread out to an interest in global politics in general, the semi-hidden power-elite, the scam of the monetary system etc etc. Then on to pagan religions, a renewed bout of studies in metaphysics and consciousness in general, and just a few weeks ago GH's "Fingerprints" sent me reeling into pre-history.

I've always been a "whole picture" sort of guy and I've been getting a lot of stuff to work with in the last couple of years. Fun! 8-)

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