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That is what I'm implying. The originality may not be there but the acceptability by greater masses is. My husband was also active in the birth of the internet and he still declares himself a geek because anything computer related at the time was considered "geeky". The language is ever evolving and the number of people that participate is always growing. So, while we are indeed stagnant, there is still change afoot as things become more mainstream.

When I first started gaming online six years ago, I was one of an extreme few of female gamers. Now, I am one of many female gamers who play fps games. What was originally discerned as an invasion of turf by other gamers as, instead, changed to the point where even female gamers act as league administrators. I myself was one of 2 female league administrators for a major gaming league that covered a dozen different games. Once again, the change is the "acceptability".

Yes, things seem stagnant but in a way, it is good. Mainstream is catching up. Once it's there fully, perhaps more change will occur?

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