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David Lamond wrote:
> The photon belt thing is completely bogus. If you recall, it
> was supposed to happen in 1996. Nothing happened... The
> Pleiades have nothing to do with earth-consciousness or
> earth's destiny.

Well, I never heard about a photon belt in 1996. As far as I know the major part of the changing of the age was always supposed to be in 2012. But there are always crazies who have absolutely nothing to base their ideas on. Just look at all the people who said 2000 was going to be the end of the world. Complete rubbish based solely on the fact it was a millinium date. Anyone worth their salt in the world of the wise knows that the calendar we follow today in the west has nothing to do with being in harmony with the universe. The correct calendar was always the ancient one, based on the movements of the moon, planets and heavens. And the 2012 date comes from the ancient system, not the Gregorian one.

I would also argue that every body in the universe has something to do with Earth-consciousness and Earth's Destiny. And the human consciousness as a whole does as well. And the sooner we humans as a whole reach an understanding of how we are a part of the creation of that destiny, the better!

Study in the field of human spirituality and wisdom and you would soon learn that the pleiades has always been a system of upmost importance and connection to the Earth. So is Orion. A good starting point for you might be Barbara Marciniak's book called Bringers of the Dawn.

> The stars and planets REFLECT the karmas of people and
> nations and planets--they do not cause them.

Ummm. No. Sorry but anyone in the field would tell you this is an incorrect interpretation. And besides, energetically speaking, it makes no sense. And karma has little to do with the stars and planets. Only in a very indirect sense.

This is why
> people have trouble believing in astrology--because they put
> the cart before the horse, and of course it doesn't make sense.

I'm afraid you've got it backwards. Energetics emit from all things affecting all things. It's not the other way around. By your logic its the tides changing that move the moon instead of the moon affecting the movements of the tides.

You seem to think the movements of the Earth, planets, heavens and moon don't have a profound energetic impact on life. I say they do. The ancients knew it, the indigenous peoples know it, and the wise of the world know it as well.

And besides, the evidence is on our side I'm afraid.


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