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Hi Deano

Nice to hear from you, and I hope you're keeping well.

Exploring the Boundaries is, as you say, exciting, and who knows where that leads one ? For each of us we have an indiviual "window" out to the greater Unknown, and we can share with others what we see and perceive. I used to write professionally and also for pleasure; the latter would be poetry, penned late at night in the still silence of the early hours, when - I don't really know where from - insights and inspirations would come to me. Thus, I "saw" images, which I translated into the written word. But for the former, it was writing adverts in an Ad Agency, 2nd or even 3rd hand briefs - what I eventually called creative prostitution. And in that "work mode" it was hard to open any substantive "windows", so much so that I gave up the copywrighting, finding far more satisfaction from private creative writing. But I digress.

Anyhow, go well, and I hope you keep on dicovering and sharing what you find.



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