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Hi Deano!

Great to hear from you!

Hoppy wrote:

> What a refreshing thread!!!
> Thanks, Jer.

You're welcome! I was concerned that it needed to be said.

> After an hour of reading this thread [dialup sucks] I find
> nothing in it that goes beyond Castaneda's don Juan. ;)

Heh heh. I was into a bit of wine earlier... LOL

The search for significance will never really be finalized I guess...

> In fact, it is a discussion of the boundry between
> "inside-the-box" and "outside-the-box"...
> All so very accurate and all so very exciting to me,
> personally.
> I'll try to expound;
> The "Tonal-of-the-Times" is the corporate, human psyche, as
> opposed to individual psyche. [inside-the-box]

Unfortunately true. I think what is important is the presentation of the obviousness of the connections of each individual human psyche together as one: the collective consciousness - for even those who do not believe, but are open - that is my prayer - to present evidence of things to those who are strong and open and listening.

Most aren't and this is sad.

> The "Nagual" on the other hand, is "all-corporate" and and is
> all outside the box. [Only a warrior can become "individual"
> with the Nagual]
> The primary task of a "Warrior" is to become aware of the
> difference.

It is psychological, emotional and ultimately mental warfare Deano. Hence the warrior attitude.

> Yes, Jer. That feeling is real,,, it is there in many of us.
> As DJ put it, "There aren't enough words",,, to express what
> we feel in our "Nagual/Tonal" mix. Hence, the warrior's task
> is to unravle or separate the two and find the truth in both.

The quest for the grail, in other words...

> It is refreshing to see so many people involved in this
> fundamental task!!
> Hopefully, I haven't confused anyone...
> Agape,
> Deano

Well you never confuse me, even if we are at loggerheads (and in the past sometimes we have been, and I apologize for that), but I have matured, grown and it kind of seems to be parallel to the growth of others around me - to the growth and expansion of things like this MB amonsgst other things. Great to hear from you Hopp.


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