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What a refreshing thread!!!
Thanks, Jer.
After an hour of reading this thread [dialup sucks] I find nothing in it that goes beyond Castaneda's don Juan. ;)
In fact, it is a discussion of the boundry between "inside-the-box" and "outside-the-box"...
All so very accurate and all so very exciting to me, personally.
I'll try to expound;

The "Tonal-of-the-Times" is the corporate, human psyche, as opposed to individual psyche. [inside-the-box]

The "Nagual" on the other hand, is "all-corporate" and and is all outside the box. [Only a warrior can become "individual" with the Nagual]

The primary task of a "Warrior" is to become aware of the difference.

Yes, Jer. That feeling is real,,, it is there in many of us. As DJ put it, "There aren't enough words",,, to express what we feel in our "Nagual/Tonal" mix. Hence, the warrior's task is to unravle or separate the two and find the truth in both.

It is refreshing to see so many people involved in this fundamental task!!

Hopefully, I haven't confused anyone...


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