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Hey you guys,

What strikes me is that people like you 'n me and lots of others are starting to think in a different way. Or maybe that that large part of our brain where scientists have no real use for is finally kicking in. Who knows?
It's apparent to me that in someway it's the right time for all this to happen.
Suddenly (meaning the last three or four decades) there seems to a shift in gear with the human race when it comes to seeking knowledge and truth.
Every religion/believe system/conviction/etc. is explored and somehow the time seems right for us to incorporate every basic spiritual truth into one universal 'inner knowing'.
The last decade we witnessed the rise of all kinds of New Age groups, cults, and what have you and recently Kabbalah seems to explode.
(the latter one might be because of the new found celebrity fad, although the basics really hit home with me)
I think that in everyone of us there is a underlying current (whether we realize it or not) that we doubt the thruth, with that i mean the thruth that is presented to us by the powers that be.
Deep in our hearts we know what is real and what is important for us to sustain.
It's not what you have and what you are on the social ladder.
It's what you can give and share and how you can stay true to yourself.

Take care and share,

This is quite an interesting 2012 link, especially the feeling of 'different time' . Look for the Schumann Resonance.

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