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I find it interesting how so much of what is discussed here at this MB is all starting to run together now. It's almost as if there is a heightened sense among the general poster population here how everything is interconnected. Like our interests and thoughts on all the subjects discussed here are driving us along similar lines that will all eventually intersect at one point. 2012? What of our knowledge and understandings make it to that point? What will be left behind?

What lay on the other side though?

I can't fathom it. And I am beginning to understand why the Mayans couldn't either.

Personally i feel as though time and events are going by faster but at the same time in slow motion. Does that make sense? And this has had an unusual affect on me as if it allows me to disconnect from time in a way. I almost feel more like an observer than a participant. Time is beginning to reveal it's true nature to me much more now. As is the turns of the heavens and how that affects us. It all goes back to the heavens, the stars, the planets, and the sun. Venus, Mars. Almost every lead gets right back to the heavens. We must not be from here originally.

In any case...I follow you.
These are not things easy to verbalise.

We should do another thread about our lastest thoughts on 2012 and what it means to us today. I know I am constantly developing my understandings on that issue as we move acoss time.


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