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"Labels - something I absolutely hate.
I hate being stuffed into certain drawers as soon as I try to express something other than smalltalk. I personally try to make it difficult for others to stick a label on me - which I have discovered to be even more difficult, because: if most people cannot put a label on someone/something, they get really suspicious, insecure, frightenend even, and sometimes downright hostile. Doesn't make life easier, but more honest, imo."

I rarely express my views to people I meet now unless I know they are open minded enough to listen. To the majority of people, they don't want to listen to your opinion, rather they'd prefer to put their opinion (usually uneducated) onto you. These people I have nothing to say too because they are deaf. Similarly should you meet someone who shines when s/he speaks, listen to them for you may not get another chance to.

Why bother speaking to people who are not going to listen or think. You are wasting your breath. Save it for those individuals you meet that can benefit from it.


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