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Somehow I think the post started by Hoppy is also a good place to bring this discussion. It is a good example of what I'm trying to illustrate idea-wise in my points with Jaimi.

conveyancer: I loved the Casteneda series and read all the books in my mid 20s. I took in so much of it yet find it very hard to put into words. For example, the word "field."

Jaimi: I read and still own The Basic Writings of Carl Jung. There are a few secondary works too by people influenced by him.

fisherman: Dennett, Dawkins and Pinker seem to have the same philosophical outlook, don't you think? They've all written books together I beleive much like GH and Bauval co-write books.

My first exposure to all these guys was from the university lecture circuit. I remember really enjoying GH's lecture on his Mars Mystery. That same summer I remember shaking my head from listening to Dennet's lecture.

That was a great summer of book lectures. I'm looking forward to when Talisman is released.

Why is it that Mars Mystery filled up an entire university lecture hall and Underworld fills up a Barnes and Noble space with 100 folding chairs? I want to see the university halls filled on this one. What does it take? Steve, maybe forward that question to Graham?

I look forward to talking with anyone about this fascinating stuff.

Thanks everyone,


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