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...Jung theoriezed thes symbols bubbled up from the
> unconscious but one of the affects of post young with quantum
> physics is the theory that these symbols and synthesis or
> caring is coming from outside the pysche and not just from
> within. So yes, definately exterior, and in loving
> relationship to Cosmic Mind....
> Humans wouldn't be able to be in relationship to Cosmic Mind
> if it wasn't endowed with something within though, as well.....

I agree. There's an inner and outer connection.

> Dom


In Castenada's book, an old indian seer from mexico who said his knowledge has been handed down to him since the time of the Toltec seers had this to say: The universe is made of energy fields that seers call the Eagle's emanations. Perception is achieved when the Eagle's emanations align themselves with a human's own emanations. The emanations are like filaments of light, each with almost infinite energy.

Once the old seers discovered this, they learned to shift the alignment and became aware of previously unknown aspects of the universe. Shifting the alignment also enabled shape shifting.

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