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Its easy to find-Amazon, B&N, etc. In fact, I am due to get another copy in about a week or so. The gist of the book is that the "esoteric" aspect of things-in this case egyptian hieroglyphs and architecture- are not "hidden" as is commonly thought. Everything is in plain view. The responsibility lies with the viewer or receiver- or as Christ said "those with ears to hear and eyes to see" Much like the parables of Christ, there are two levels of communication here, and it is up to each person to develop the ability to recognize the esoteric when they see it. Developing this intuitive sense is vital. I just saw that your trhead on archetypes and thought you should read E & S if you havent already. I can show you elements of this type of communication that show without a doubt that it was/is present, but I am afraid that I cannot explain much more than that. I am still learning as well.


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